Fallout 4: Bethesda’s Apocalyptic disappointment

Your game isn’t as good as you wanted it to be? What a ridiculous thing to Fallout 4.

Bethesda’s acclaimed Fallout franchise had its most recent release exactly two years ago, November 10 2015. With this ‘fabled’ date upon yet again, one that was originally filled with hope, optimism and excitement that some might say broke the internet which is now filled with dread, hatred and disgust… well at least for me, it seems fitting to talk about why Fallout 4 was a disappointment.

Now wait… Fallout 4 is okay, the world, the crafting, home building, power-armour and more things are all great additions to the franchise. I don’t hate the game but the fact I haven’t finished it whilst I’ve played the hell out of all their other games should tell you something. Or not, I’m me, your’e not me, or are you?

There’s a lot wrong with Fallout 4, so why don’t i tear apart for you right here, right now? Here we go.

Every single Fallout, even the none Bethesda ones had great speech options. There were more than 4 to choose from and they were more than one word. You knew what you were going to say, what it meant and were it would get you. A quest? Cheaper items? Information? You got it! However with Fallout 4 speech completely changed, yes your character could speak however to me this isn’t a problem. In fact it isn’t really anything to me, it’s just… there. Now you only have 4 options, a charisma based one, sarcasm, acceptance of a quest or a good-bye. What in the seven hell’s is that?!? So your’e telling me you went from speech checks on percentage, intelligence, perks, knowledge and level to red, orange or yellow? Just in the field of speech checks Bethesda went from depth to dirt. Never mind how you can’t actually interesting conversations apart from acting like a dick-head. I mean how is this interesting? It isn’t that’s how.

Now I’m getting into some real risky territory, the Mod system that Bethesda have introduced in both Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The idea of a community of mods is amazing, Bethesda acknowledging this part of their community and offers all players an easy and creative way to have mods. The only problem being, and this is a big one, achievements/trophies are disabled? Are you mad?!? Why? Just because we might use a cheat for loads of weapons or to finish the game with the drop of a hat? Y’know Bethesda, if we really wanted to do that it means that most of your game isn’t worth playing.

Now I am not saying Fallout 3 and New Vegas had good combat, their engine caused an immense amount of suffering with pea shooter weapons and no iron-sights in a time where Call of Duty’s weapon variety and control was something to marvel at. And I’m sorry, but just because you can now aim down your sight that does not mean combat is good! The enemy AI is still abysmal, they either sit there, or run at you. There’s no flanking, not strategy, nothing that makes the core of the game interesting enough to carry it. Not to mention how all raiders just carry ‘pipe rifles’ or wear power armour. Even you don’t really have any options, either wear power armour or don’t. It is like fish in a barrel, just aim and shoot. Much like most RPG’s (apart from the Witcher with it’s fluid, in-depth system) the combat is cookie cutter boredom baked fresh in an oven of disappointment.

I could go into glitches, graphics and all sorts of other minor problems with Fallout 4, but when you create a game so ambitious these things do come up often. So Fallout 4 gets a pass (but I mean Witcher can do it so why can’t you? Just saying) for this. So there it is… Fallout 4 is pretty much trash because not enough thought went into the mechanics and systems already present in the series, the effort went into other aspects, which are by right amazing. But it is almost like this forced the other aspects to go backwards which is sad really, because these aspects were what made Fallout great, and I’m sad to see them destroyed.

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