Why Justice League’s Marketing Is Terrible

Superman’s here… or is he? Or is he not… He is

Justice League is going to hit our screens in around two weeks, Nov 16th, so why does it feel like a standard DC slog rather than something to be monumentally excited for? It should be up there to rival the Avengers at this point. So why doesn’t it feel like that? Put simply… awful marketing.

Okay so don’t get me wrong now, it looks pretty good, it might have the most cookie-cutter movie villain anyone has ever seen but the characters look like they have good chemistry, its colourful and holds a lot of promise in regards to closing out the 2017 Box Office, apart from Star Wars obviously. I am excited and I think that’s why there is one huge aspect of the marketing that really agitates me. It’s only the most controversial aspect of the DCEU… Superman.

Henry Cavill’s titular superman, brooding.

Why is he a problem, well he’s dead. Spoiler alert. Our boy Zack Synder decided to kill him in BvS and ruin a great superman storyline that somewhere down the line could have done wonders for the DCEU, if it ever got there before it gets rebooted. So yeah, he is dead. Everyone knows he’s coming back though, as its Superman. So how does the marketing ruin this.

Put simply, it acts as though it is unsure of his place in the film. Is he there? Is he not? It has literally no idea!

For example, in the trailers the ‘legacy’ he left echoes through the cinematography and dialogue and as a dead man he is nowhere to be seen. But then whats this? In the most recent trailer he is… there. Stood in some field in what might be a dream, real or just some random interaction between him and Lois. What? I understand the need for ambiguity but we literally know he is in it. How you might wonder.

He’s all over all the other marketing, it is as if the trailers and all over forms of marketing are separate. Just look at this.

You can’t miss his logo slap bang in the middle of the poster
It just got worse, he’s right there. Clearly staying dead then

So there you have it folks, if anyone says Warner Bros. are selling Justice League: Dawn of the Justice League without Superman they can’t see straight. Despite an alive version of Superman (maybe) not being in the trailers themselves he is there, in the other marketing being well and truly alive. So the trailers emphasise the idea of ‘continuing his legacy’ the rest of the marketing is telling us he’s coming back, and we know that he is, so why even sugarcoat it, only to also not?!?

It makes no sense and makes me wonder what on earth happens over at WB.

But there it is, why despite some great trailers and actual well put together billboards the Justice League Marketing is a shambles. Because of Superman, and Warner Bros wouldn’t have it any other way.

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