Voltron season 3 Review

So Voltron is firing on all cylinders as it arrives for its third season in very quick successions since the reboots launch. Once again Netflix and Dreamworks are at the helm with the team from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I initially had the concern that the season was being released too quickly, I even missed its release by a few days because I forgot. However this isn’t a concern because the five mini lion robots that can turn into one giant robot come back with a bang.
Honestly it’s so surprising considering it’s based off an 80s property.

Some of the biggest initial improvements are evident from episode one, both the writing and overall animation/production value are incredible. There so much more detail and the blend of 3D models with standard animation really go great together. Maybe this is because I’m used to it? I don’t think so as the extra minute details are even more plentiful and help to flesh out this universe so it doesn’t begin to look like a 1980s cash grab. The overall writing and voice acting is still top notch but the overarching story takes some really interesting turns that successfully develop the show.


What I’m trying to say is that its no longer just a save the universe with main character development kind of show. Sub plots explore the villains, further delve into the shows mysteries and successfully paint new lights on standard characters that you wouldn’t expect. I don’t want to spoil it but the exploration of the Galra Empire is really interesting. However the Pidge subplot doesn’t seem to get explored, which is fine if they just didn’t have time for it but very early on the groundwork is laid for it to be furthered and it just isn’t.

That brings me to my largest problem, I had a very similar one with Castlevania. It’s too short. It clocks in with only 7 episodes and whilst it gets a lot done and sets up spectacularly for season 4 I feel it missed a lot. But the change in season length leads me to think that it is this short to help with season 4, as in get the right pacing. If this is the case I’m okay with it.


All else I can say is… get into it!

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