Atomic Blonde Review

Atomic Blonde hit exactly as I thought it would, an average movie. I think my problem with that is that it is unsurprising in almost every way. It’s collectively adequate in both its execution and ideas. It is the first directorial effort of David Leitch and this shows, not because it looks terrible, but because it envisions too much and falls short. It is also based off the 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City, so another attempt to convert comic history to cinema.

One thing Atomic Blonde does well is its atmosphere, the art style and aesthetic is pleasing and committed too throughout. Snowy buildings of Berlin contrast with the underground neon really well.

This is about as far as the film goes, as it doesn’t seem original anywhere else.

it attempts a Guardians of the Galaxy by integrating songs into the movie. Granted this isn’t a last minute Suicide Squad job with its soundtrack as its late 80s tunes are actually integrated into the world, for the most part. In some cases the songs go well with the scene too, but the unoriginal shines through.

There is even an effort to pull off a Birdman like long shot of around 15 minutes, and after seeing that movie you can spy the transitions and see how its edited which is a shame.

And despite all of its great actors the main problem this film has is its writing. It is incredibly difficult to follow what is happening as the film goes. In the end you go “ooooh good twist” and you just about get it. But Charlize Theron’s character has little lasting development and you fail to get almost any character motivation from anyone. This confusion and writing makes the film fall short.

Wait for it to be on Netflix

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