What’s better? An realistic or unrealistic Batman?

Everyone has a favorite Batman, whether its West, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney (I mean you’re wrong but it’s fine) or Bale or even Affleck. They all play very different Bat…men? From a campy surfer to a man with a literal military grade tank. These all have their own charms I guess, and everyone has a favorite for a particular reason. But from all the movies what is objectively better? Is it a realistic batman or one that takes comic book logic to a whole new level.

Well a Batman grounded in reality has its merits, for example the Christopher Nolan Batman’s realism allows the question to be pondered “what if Batman was real?” but doesn’t take it so far down it’s boring. Nolan manages to blend a realistic Wayne with a nonsensical cast of villains and a slightly strange world. I think he does this for one simple reason, if Batman fought normal criminals no-one would like him, he’d just be crazy. the villains of the Dark Knight trilogy need to surpass the Bat. The only glaring problem is that this doesn’t seem realistic, and it isn’t, but does that mean it’s bad… no not at all. I think it just establishes how despite a realistic and our-worldly setting that Batman needs crazy. Why do you think he has the joker?

A realistic Batman does allow for an interesting exploration of him. His fighting gets dialed back to 1, just look at Bale in comparison to Batfleck. Is this worse, I dunno? He also has slightly tweaked gadgets, the biggest of these being the Tumbler. It is quite literally a tank!

But what about an unrealistic Batman.

I prefer it.

It’s like, how else can Batman fit into such a world, he has to match it. Maybe not 66 style… greased mustaches and terrible spandex aside, that’s no good. Its like in all his cartoons he either matches the universe he’s in. In Brave and the Bold he can compete with all the other Dc characters, and the same goes for all his animated movies. His gadgets and moves make sense in the context of that too. He HAS to be that skilled. Even in BvS (despite its shortcomings) that Batman has incredible presentation, having the intellect to go toe to toe with superman and scheme his way around allow him to fit well into the universe. He just makes sense there.

Despite all this some people don’t like the metaphoric comic book accurate nipples, or inaccurate ones (notice how I just skipped Clooney, not even worth defending honestly). As my dad would say when watching Batman fight Superman “Batman would just die”, but he like most people don’t seem to get it. A Batman can be accurate as long as he fits, but when he isn’t there is so much more to see and do, it comes out as something more spectacular than a man climbing a pit.


p.s. Arkham’s flippy rhythm combat is unrealistic, and the best 🙂

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