Spider-Man: Homecoming Review & best bits, sorta

It’s here! The new Spider-Man, in the MCU! To pretty much everyone interested this is a huge deal, there were a lot of high hopes for this! Does it live up to this? Is it good? Does Spider-Man do enough Spider-manning about? Is there high-school? Is he a nerd? Is he ripped? Is he a 20 year old man pretending to be 15 year old boy in high school? Yes… yes to all these things.

As soon as this film starts, and the Spider-Man 90s cartoon theme plays over the Marvel credits I got this feeling of nostalgia, warmth, comfort. I just knew this film was already cared about enough. And this can be seen! In all the Easter Eggs, references, and funny little Marvel in jokes, you know the ones. The films characters, plot, ideas, execution and just general care is EXACTLY what fans want in a Spider-Man movie, so props… I guess.

The film is hilarious, but in a way that actually suits a teenage boy in high school, everyone around him has that sense of humor as he does (especially Zendaya) and you really feel like hes in high school too! Mainly thanks to Flash’s depiction and the way he mocks Peter, and no, Flash isn’t a 30 year old 6 foot ripped man this time.

There is one moment I want to talk about also, without spoiling too much on the way to the Homecoming dance the music and tone fits that of a funny yet awkward horror movie, so not really scary, in a good way. It was this little surprise that made me realize how broad this film is; Michael Keaton is incredible as the Vulture, destroying the trope of the villain monologue, whilst being really great at delivering one, not just distracting Peter, but the audience too.

The last scene is great too! Aunt May SWEARS! kinda

So yeah watch it if you want, I don’t care… or do I? I don’t

Oh and Marvel have finally caught on to the after-credit scene in-joke… Prepare to get pranked.


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