Why Crackdown 3 is a disappointment 

Microsoft have shown off many things at their E3 conference, and one of the biggest of these was the update on Cracdown 3. It’s been in the works since E3 2013, we had trailers and promises, but no gameplay or details, it was to just act as a carrot for the donkeys of E3. 

But now we have another trailer, it used Terry Crews and was actually okay. It was funny and loud and explosive… much like Crackdown. It’s also great to see Terry Crews and he seems like a great fit for the franchise.

However the problems arise with the gameplay reveal and the way it has been presented to us. Now I’d like to say I love Crackdown and I am really excited for this next title but don’t think it’s hitting the heights it needs to.

Firstly the gameplay looks pretty much exactly the same but with better graphics, even it’s despcription is a carbon copy. There’s a city, gangs have taken over, jump around and kill them and liberate areas and collect orbs. It just seems to be the same.

A decent change is how there will now be destructive environments, the developers are boasting that in the multiplayer mode that literally everything can be explored and destroyed, buildings coming down and taking out other ones. This sounds incredible and it’s thanks to modern improvements. However during the gameplay it seemed like that’s all they had. As when it was being presented by IGN the developer there said that everything’s “physical” every 20 seconds. It’s like… we get it you can destroy stuff you’re showing us!”. Again it’s a cool mechanic but it seems to be all they have.

I really hope that before it is released this year that Microsoft whip out many more interesting details about Crackdown 3. Otherwise I feel it won’t live up to the name it has.

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