Assassins Creed: Origins, Ubisoft finally listened

Ubisofts E3 conference is over, it has some great showcases for games like Far Cry 5, Battlefront 2 and more. Whilst the newest assassins creed suffered from leaks before its reveal for its title and setting, being origins and set in ancient Egypt, the showcase and details of the game illustrate how Ubisoft have finally shook up the series enough since Black Flag… and the results could make a great game.

As mentioned the game will be set in Ancient Egypt, with a character named Bayek. This is incredibly welcome because for the longest time Egypt was a wanted location by fans. It also allows for an interesting exploration of the series lore, as apparently Bayek (like most other protagonists) doesn’t start as an assassin, and we could see the birth of the creed and maybe even the Templars. The problem with the story arises with the other arc that hovers over the series… the present. After the Desmond Miles arc ended it has been very clear that Ubisoft has just shoehorned in the present day to appease fans but failing too as the modern arc is struggling to actually go forward. So whilst the main game setting offers promise, the rest might fall short.

One mechanic of the Assassins Creed franchise that I personally never used, cared for, and forgot was Eagle vision. Why do I need to see someone in Red? Why do I need to have hiding spots lit up when I know what they look like? Well origins aims to fix that with an actual eagle (clever I guess). This eagle replaces the vision, acting as a scout for enemies, quests, loot and allows you to more effectively plan your play style for a mission or during free roam. The eagle also allows to maybe give an origin to eagle vision (which is apparently important?) but replacing a rarely used mechanic with something that has use is another welcome change.

Character progression has also been heavily edited, you now gain experience and level up and have skill trees which are going to be akin to an MMO. This is an overused mechanic in modern gaming, but if it allows for diverse play styles that have to be earned (like brutality or stealth or something) then you might be able to have better stealth, better combat. So the core mechanics will hopefully be overhauled with this. 

There is a core mechanic that has been completely changed for the better, standard combat. There will be tons of outfits, equipment and weapons. Which like Bayek himself have levels and classes, allows not only for customisation of your looks, but your combat play style. This goes in hand with new combat. Gone are the days of one hit kill combos that get rid of the challenge, apparently to one hit with anything you will need to either upgrade them immensely or just get better weapons. Enemies actually have health and the combat is centred around dodging, defending and finding openings, which to me is a large improvement over button mashing.

Finally Ubisoft have actually got rid of the worst thing in the series, the thing that makes the game into a checklist, it eliminates the free roam aspect of the parkour of assassins creed… of course I’m talking about the mini map. It’s gone. It has been replaced by a skyrim style mini map. There will be no eagle vantage points to fill up the map. Things will mostly be question marks which will give areas to explore, or quests to do. The only way to know what they are would to be using the eagle. This is phenomenal, finally we can actually feel like exploring every little bit of the map and get surprising things across the game. 

So yeah… Ubisoft are greatly shifting up assassins creed and I’m ready for it to drop in October and give it a go! Plus it has gaunt snakes to fight which is gonna be interesting.

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