Pokemon Direct – 6.6.17

I’m a huge Pokemon fan, and like most other fans waiting for the Pokemon direct today we were hoping to get confirmation of the Pokemon Stars rumour for Nintendo switch. Sadly we didn’t, but it could still happen. I would like to talk about what we did get and why some of it to me is great, and the rest is just incredibly annoying.

Might as well start with what they did, Pokken tournament DX, essentially Pokken is coming to the switch later this year on September 22nd with 5 extra characters, new game modes and improved online play. This directly adheres to Nintendo’s strategy with the switch, re-release Wii U games with either improvements or their dlc to the switch, likely because no-one really played any of these games, or owned a Wii U. To me this is fine, I don’t yet own a switch, I might when it releases but it’s still nice to know something that I was interested in is being made more accessible.


Now the problem arises for me, just a year after the original Pokemon Sun/Moon games the 3DS will be getting sequels in the vain of Black and White too, UltraSun and UltraMoon. This isn’t really a bad business move, but it annoys me to be so close to the previous releases and the fact that an improved Sun/Moon game was desired by everyone to be on the switch, so less of a cash-grab sequel with more tangible improvements. To top it off they only said it will have a different story and elements, if its going to come out in 5 months tell us more?! It just seems like it’s going to end up being nothing, if they don’t give us anything at E3 a lot of people are gonna jump off it already.


I could complain about not having a switch version all day, but something that greatly excites me, and requires no new content is that Gold and Silver (the originals) will be coming to the 3DS e-shop, much like Red, Blue and Yellow did. This begs the question of where Crystal is, maybe its a surprise announcement, going to come out later or not at all, we’ll see. Recently I had tried to replay my original copies of Gold and Silver however the save chip was fried, so they work but I have no progress, to be able to play them again is going to be amazing.


So Pokemon Direct didn’t deliver on all cylinders, but it had a nice surprise. I just hope at E3 more is revealed about UltraSun/Ultramoon, or something they are keeping secret.

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