Ranting about the Cinema experience!

Modern day movie theatres are a huge industry, they bring in thousands of people, millions in the box office and are heavily successful thanks to Hollywood. So when you turn up to your local cinema there is a certain amount you expect, and hate it when people and things ruin the experience.

Just getting to your local cinema can be an endeavour, I mean who wants to drive for 30 minutes, get a bus or even walk? This can help create a sometimes unworthy sense of anticipation for a movie, as the whole journey you speculate about how good the Batman and Superman fight will be only to be let down (clearly not pointing fingers). Just going to the cinema seems to have been amplified in both the journey and a movies advertising.

So you’ve got there, you’re in the queue and are thinking about that popcorn and tango iceblast. But then it hits you… going to the movies is expensive! Even as a student most inner city  venues cost around 10 pounds. And oooh the food is certainly overpriced but when the skinny and tired 25 year old says “it’s only an extra 30p for large” the pressure kicks in. You have less than 2 seconds to decide if the extra price is worth it, there are people behind you waiting to watch 50 shades c’mon! I always fall victim and buy the extra, down to the sad reality that I’m already sending around 15pounds so what’s an extra couple of quid?

You’re in, bang on time, you think you almost missed the start of the movie… nope you’ve got 30 minutes of irrelevant car ads and trailers that are already on YouTube. Why the hell do you advertise cars in the cinema?! Who turned up and then thought, you know what that attractive man drives a prias, I’ll go buy one straight after. And why advertise alcohol? If I’m going to see pirates of the Caribbean I’m either too young to drink, a parent or not gonna waste my money just to make the experience bearable. All the trailers are done, they looked decent on the big screen and now the bbfc rating and title appear. Here we go…

But Wait!  Someone’s brought a baby, people are talking and laughing and you’re chairs being kicked. Cinemas have a certain etiquette that should be followed and rarely is. Sit down and shut up! It’s a dark room and you’ve paid to see this so bloody watch it. Anyone that doesn’t shut up, or just decides to check know their phone as they’ve “already seen it” needs a punch! Right so if you’ve already seen it firstly why are you here? if you’re so disinterested don’t go. A bright light in a dark room is the absolute worst, especially when the phone isn’t on silence.

The films over, you’ve managed to deal with everything up this point but the real kicker for me is when the movie itself is terrible. If you can sink millions into two of our civilisations most classic figures coming together then how can you screw it up so bad? (This might turn into a BvS rant) if I’m going to pay for this at least out enough thought into it so it’s good.

You’re home, wondering why you even went. But a trailer for three mummy and universals movie monsters verse just dropped… oh you will go see it, and so the cycle continues. And you hate yourself for it.

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