Far Cry 5 reveal: A change?

It’s no secret to anyone that Ubisoft has lost their touch, between mediocre Assassins’ Creed titles and the Far Cry titles not reaching the heights they desire, they aren’t what they used to be. So why is everyone excited to see what this Far Cry holds after the recent reveal trailer coming out in the last week? It’s because people have hope in the franchise to be new, interesting, and not fall into the formulaic monotony that plagued Far Cry 4 and the Assassins Creed series’.

image from PC Advisor 

The trailer that dropped for the newest Far Cry didn’t give much (or anything) in terms of gameplay. The footage of vehicle combat and sweeping camera’s of Hope County’s towns provide an idea. There seems to be the standard Far Cry gun and vehicle centred combat, but peoples main hope is that the game wont involve climbing water towers, scoping out areas and stealthy killing guys only to then have a map filled with pointless quests and extra activities that get boring after 5 minutes. The desire is that Ubisoft actually try and reinvent the gameplay and add interesting new elements, not just a new coat of paint (looking at you Far Cry Primal).

Something that seems interesting for the main Far Cry series is the change in setting, as however much I dislike Primal at least that and Blood Dragon greatly shifted the aesthetic to something that was riveting. But these were just spin-offs, the fact that this newest Far Cry aims to take the game to American soil could provide some new social/political commentary, characters, or mechanics… Or it could just be Far Cry 3 with better graphics again.

What is perhaps the most interesting part about Far Cry 5 is the fact you’ll apparently be playing as a cop. Now whilst this might just be a re-skin of every other Far Cry character there is an opportunity here, one where the character can directly influence the story and the games mechanics because of their position. It likely won’t be akin to some sort of GTA role play but again it could provide some interesting twists to Far Cry.

I think this trailer has really highlighted peoples need for a change in Far Cry, the fact that there is a want via speculation for something fresh just goes to show this.  Hopefully Far Cry 5 actually ties to reinvent its formulae when it roles around early next year.

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