Why the third Spiderman: Homecoming trailer is a problem

So the third trailer for the highly anticipated Spiderman: Homecoming dropped today… and I think Marvel haven’t really caught on with the problems of its previous trailers, or just the fact a third one this close to release in a month and a half is not needed. Okay, they’ve got Spiderman back after so long and want to market him massively, after all he is the highest selling IP of all time. But there it is, the knowledge of the movies existence through poster, toys and trailers is great. Hell he was even in Civil War for 15 minutes to promote him as such for his own movie.

However the problem really lies with the trailers. Already myself and the people of the internet has essentially figured out the major plot points of the movie from its trailers, which I won’t spoil here. This third trailer just expands on characters and even gives some extra insight into scenes, we don’t want that. Trailers are the main way to market a movie, especially to its die hard fans. But when the movie is essentially spelled out with each trailer and each subsequent one keeps offering most of the experience that people want to have when they pay to go to the cinema that is not good.

Now don’t get me wrong… I am incredibly excited to see Spiderman back at Marvel and with the MCU. I mean Tom Holland actually looks like he should be going to school and that awkward nerd Peter Parker seems to be the one were getting, whilst his signature quips are nailed too. This is how the trailers should be, a faithful recreation of what fans love about the stories and characters. Not over 10 minutes of footage that can be put into a flowchart for the entire movie, jokes and all.

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