The Flash Season 3 Finale: ‘Finish Line’ Review

So the third season of the Flash has come to a end, how was it? Does it do well to set up season 4? Is it actually just a good episode? As the season has reached it’s very own finish line it has actually done so quite well, supporting one of the best shows on the CW this year, and best seasons on TV too.

On the whole the season finale does wrap up the season pretty well, Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost has a very interesting development that will dictate her role next season which will be good to see. Of course Savitar is dealt with, a mini twist comes with the team trying to help him until he reveals he doesn’t want or need it. For the moment they interact sympathy for his character is developed for it to then be dashed in a literal flash before he is ‘dealt with’ for good. So that sort of anti-climax for the character is pretty annoying. However he might have dropped a hint to a villain down the line…

If you’ve seen the episode, or for the matter any promotional material you’ll know that Iris is in fact not dead, and a fan theory as to why that seemed pretty reliable is the exact way that her death is avoided. This in itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s just how the previous episodes (especially the one just prior) built up her death and actually killed her, so why do that to bring her back instantly.

The seasons ends with its arbitrary cliffhanger as the the fate of a speedster, and whilst Jay Garrick is released from the speedforce prison (good to see him) he himself isn’t in the episode long enough to even warrant this. His sacrifice seems to be glossed over as far as the cliffhanger is concerned. Yeah Barry is in the speedforce prison but if ‘Flashpoint’ from this season is any indication, it’ll last two episodes.

So whilst the episode itself is interesting in what it brings to the table it feels rather rushed with some of it’s sub-plots, almost like they just missed the right amount of build up. But on the whole it provided a satisfying end to another season of the flash and has us clawing at the bit waiting for next season.

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