Arrow Season 5 Finale: ‘Lian Yu’ Review

Arrow season 5 has gone out with a bang. After a climatic season that promised to resolve Olivers flashbacks and his own incredibly important character arc the finale also wanted to highten the stakes just that bit more.

Interestingly the island of Lian Yu has now faced its own sort of resolution in the finale after a huge cliffhanger (it isn’t really, not with these types of shows) helping to round out the seasons narrative connection to the show as a whole.

It was also great to see all of the shows biggest characters (that are still alive that is) make a return for this episode. Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson has a spiffy new costume and is an incredibly welcome edition. The show has also made an effort to turn him into an anti-hero, which will make for interesting developments.

For all the Olicity fans it seems next season will go even deeper into their relationship after one specific moment in the finale, finally moving past all the awkwardness they have faced.

Olivers own resolution about being the arrow, his guilt and his team is what drives the episode though. The reason the finale works so well is because it feels like the show has itself put so much behind itself in characters, arcs, flashbacks and has done it’s best (and it worked) to make that transition with a bang.

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