ArrowVerse Season Finales and Seasons on a whole

Since kicking off with Arrow season one the CW have developed an impressive array of TV shows in their DC universe. Now with Arrow season 5 approaching it’s end and the Flash doing the same lets take a look back at both of their seasons, and as the title of this article suggests, review them too.

From left to right: Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke, Nick Tarabay’s Captain Boomerang and Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow (image from BuddyTV)

After a constantly improving fifth season from Arrow following the mediocre third and fourth seasons it’s safe to assume that the finale will be explosive. All the promotional material been building to a fight between Prometheus and his lackeys and Oliver Queen with his old enemies. This all comes after Oliver’s own revelation that he enjoyed killing from the start, and that season 5 has changed the team dynamic greatly, illustrating how Arrow went for something different this season, an exploration of past mistakes and expansion of the teams inner circle. Whilst bringing the flashback story line to a close.

The fact that Oliver has to work with villains should also raise a red flag… there will likely be some betrayal, maybe even on both sides. Hopefully Olicity’s issues may get resolved too in this episode, as fans sorely need it.

Arrow has actually improved a lot with new characters and more interesting plots that explore relationships and actions from the shows 5 seasons. The writers seem to have realised they have 5 years of content now, and like any good long running comic series, have reintroduced this content in interesting ways.

Viewers can expect an intense showdown between the two teams, hopefully with intense action and some closure to the seasons most lingering questions, such as where Dolph Lundgren will fit into all this? What will be Prometheus’ fate? What about William?!?!

Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/Savitar (image from BuddyTV)

The Flash season three started out adapting flashpoint, and much like Arrow this season aimed to reinvent the series in a multitude of ways. Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost, the inclusion of Julian/Dr Alchemy and Wally West becoming Kid flash. In this finale expect questions of Iris’ fate to be answered, for Savitar to be explored just that bit more and for Barry to unaccountably blame himself for something.

That would be my biggest gripe of the entire show actually, the fact that despite being charismatic the showrunners feel Barry has to always blame himself, or be upset, or mopey. It’s a character trait that has wore thin real fast and the episode where he lost his memories and was happy (for once!) exemplified that. It seems the actual Barry Allen from the comics will never emerge.

This seasons Savitar twist did make good use of the time remnant idea from season two, and that duplicating yourself can actually be detrimental to society… who knew right? The fact that this is just about to come to a close however is saddening, I would have liked to see more of it. However Danielle Panabaker’s Killer Frost is said to return to season 4, and the fact she has been central to the show from the beginning and now a major villain is really interesting. Here’s to hoping that next seasons main villain isn’t just another speedster and great characters adversaries for the flash are not sidelined (Gorilla Grodd).


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